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TMT Online Course

TMT Online CourseTired of weight yo-yoing, being on and off diets or unsustainable 6-12 week exercise regimes?

TMT Online CourseWant to have a healthier body, mind and relationship with food and activity that is sustainable?

TMT Online CourseWant to make a New Year’s Resolution that will leave you feeling happier, healthier and proud of your last years achievements?

  • Set yourself up for SUCCESS
  • Develop the 7 KEY MINDSETS for transformation
  • Eat nutritiously and move regularly WITHOUT TRYING
  • FREE yourself from emotional eating forever
  • Learn how to take care of yourself from a place of LOVE!



Due to popular demand, we have brought
our ground-breaking TMT program ONLINE!

Let the “Weight Psych”, Glenn Mackintosh, provide you with a

transformational answer to your weight worries.

The program requires your effort, time and energy to succeed, so why not start by taking the time to check it out?

(Watch this short video – taking the time to understand how the
Twelve Month Transformation works could save you years of struggling with your weight)

What You'll Get

Twelve Month Transformation

  • Foundations for Success, 3 Week Duration
    Overcome goal sabotage and set yourself up for SUCCESS
  • Mindset for Transformation, 7 Week Duration
    Learn the 7 Key Mindsets to MAINTAIN transformations
  • Naturally Healthy Habits, 6 Week Duration
    Eat and move HEALTHILY without trying
  • Freedom from Emotional Eating, 6 Week Duration
    FREE yourself from emotional eating forever
  • Love Your Body Healthy, 6 Week Duration
    Nurture yourself from a place of LOVE
Program Includes
  • 5 x Online Courses (released throughout the year)
    • Over 20 hours of short video content
  • Over 150 lessons to work through
  • PDF downloads, bonus emails and blogs to keep you on track
  • Real life examples to help you apply principles to you
  • Complete Reprogramming Audio Program (Over 12 hours of psychological transformation)
  • Access to a Members Only section of the website where you can get all of the course material forever, viewable via Desktop, iPads, iPhones and other Smart phones

    TMT Online Course

    Register now to start your transformation

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